A lively coastal city of almost 400,000 people, Halifax is the perfect size—a blend of everything you want in an urban setting with a friendly, small-town feel. Halifax boasts a youthful spirit, rich history and a scenic waterfront.

Halifax boasts a vibrant arts and culture scene, and is host to a diverse range of cultural festivals, including:

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Halifax is small enough to navigate easily. Many students use active transportation options, like walking and cycling, to explore the city and campus.

The city is served by the Halifax Transit system, that includes busses and ferries. Full-time Dalhousie University students enjoy unlimited use of buses and ferries during the school year the Universal Bus Pass (UPass).

For those flying into or out of Halifax, the Halifax Stanfield International Airport is easy to navigate and only a 30-minute drive from downtown. It is the biggest airport in the Atlantic Canada provinces, with direct flights from Toronto, Montreal, New York, Chicago, Ottawa, Calgary, Boston, Philadelphia, and London.

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