Master of Applied Computer Science (MACSC) – Dalhousie University 


1.Why did you choose Canada? 

 I chose Canada because it has excellent universities, exceptional life quality, and good opportunities to stay after finishing my studies.  

2.Did you receive any scholarships to help fund your studies?  

             2.1 If so, can you tell us more about the scholarship you received? 

 Yes, I received a scholarship from CONACYT, which is the Mexican National Council of Science and Technology. They offer tuition, living expenses, and health insurance support for studying a graduate program in different countries. 

 3.Why did you choose Dalhousie University?  

 I chose Dalhousie University because it offers a master’s program with industry experience included. 

 4. What are your favourite things about Dalhousie University?  

 I like that Dal has many extracurricular programs for students, making graduate studies a more enriched experience. Dal not only provides you with tools for enhancing your hard skills but also your soft skills, which are vital in the workplace. They also offer different resources to help you succeed as a student, such as the career services, writing centre, health & wellness centre, and many more. 

 5. Tell us about some of the positive aspects of your experience as an international student in Halifax.  

 In Halifax, you can find students from Latin America, which will allow you to make a community and not feel very far from home. Halifax and Nova Scotia have many beautiful landscapes. Halifax’s summer is great because there are many nice places to visit and activities to do with a beautiful ocean view. 

 6. What do you enjoy about your life on and off campus?  

 I like that there are people on campus who are willing to help you have a better experience at Dal and succeed in your studies. What I enjoy the most about the off-campus life are the outdoor activities. I love to take a walk on the waterfront or the different parks around.  

 7. Any advice for future candidates that would like to come to Canada to do their graduate studies?  

 I would advise future candidates to look up the university’s different research projects to ensure they match their interests. Moreover, it is important to contact the faculty to learn about the program’s details and make sure you get all the information about the courses and different opportunities in the faculty.