PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology – Dalhousie University 

1. Why Canada? 

 I was looking for an English-speaking country with top universities that would offer high-quality graduate programs in my field of interest. On the other hand, I was also interested in finding a friendly environment that would help with cultural adaptation. For those reasons, I have chosen Canada and, fortunately, it has fulfilled my expectations. 

2. Why did you choose Dalhousie University? 

  I chose Dalhousie University and the biochemistry and molecular biology PhD program because it has a high reputation and internationally recognized researchers who have made a significant contribution to my research area of interest. 

3. Did you receive any scholarships to help fund your studies?  

 My studies are currently funded by the Becas-Chile scholarship. The Becas-Chile scholarship is a program that offers financial assistance to Chilean professionals from various fields to continue graduate studies in the most prestigious universities in the world. 

4. What are your favourite things about Dalhousie University 

 I like the sense of community that Dalhousie provides along with its multicultural background. All this results in an enriched graduate experience.

5. Tell us about some of the positive aspects of your experience as an international student in Halifax.  

 Halifax feels like home. It is small and peaceful with plenty of green areas, parks, and beautiful coastal landscapes that are perfectly suited for outdoor activities. The Haligonians are the kindest and friendly people who make me feels part of their community and culture.

6. What do you enjoy about your life on and off-campus?  

 I really enjoy life on-campus hanging out with some friends and colleagues. Also, like the access to the health and fitness facilities and libraries and attending to cultural activities. Likewise, I enjoy life off-campus such as camping, trekking, biking, and running. 

7. Any advice for future candidates that would like to come to Canada to do their graduate studies?  

 I totally recommend Canada for graduate studies. You will be most welcome in a multicultural society. I recommend being open to embracing Canadian culture and its customs as well as being active members of your community.