At our universities you will find the following programsIf you are interested on a Master’s, this could help you decide which one is a better fit for you:Some tips that could also help you:

  • Think about what you hope to do after the program, usually students contemplating a PhD or an academic career are better served with a thesis based program.
  • The thesis-based program offers better preparation for a PhD program.
  • The course-based program will offer you more time to pursue other learning opportunities, like an internship, for example, or other networking opportunities.
  • At CALDO universities you will find more options of thesis-based masters Admission. For a thesis-based Master’s you will need a supervisor which may make the admission process a bit more complex. On the other hand, some course-based Master’s will require evidence of professional experience (e.g. MBA).

For more information on how to apply see the Steps to Apply section.