Study in Canada Masters’ and PhD Series

Learn about CALDO’s member universities. Topics such as, academic programs, application requirements, services for international graduate students, among others, are presented at this series.

Internationalize your Career Series

In this series, CALDO invites guests that let the viewer know about different activities to internationalize their career in Canada. The viewer may find information on language programs, research internships, testimonials from past and current international graduate students, among other topics.

LATAM Funding Partners & Network

CALDO’s funding partners in LATAM provide information about their scholarship call’s to Canada for graduate studies (requirements, eligibility, and commitments from the scholarship recipient). In this series, you may also find sessions with some of our LATAM Universities network.

Academic Webinars

This series provides an excellent avenue to become acquainted with Professors from CALDO’s member Universities. Through topic informative sessions, the viewer may learn about the Professors’ areas of research and laboratories.