PhD in International Development – University of Ottawa

I am from Uruguay, South America. And I am currently completing a PhD in International Development at the University of Ottawa. I chose Canada as my study destination because it is a democratic, safe, ecological, and developed country with a high-quality education. The University of Ottawa is a multicultural institution located in the heart of Canada that promotes human rights and sustainable development not only in its territory but also in many developing countries such as in Africa and the Middle East. Thus, this University results very interesting for my own academic and professional goals. I received a scholarship from the National Agency for Research and Innovation (ANII) of Uruguay.


  1. What was your favourite aspect of the University?

The hospitality and friendship of professors and personnel of my School; my PhD lessons; my colleagues from around the world (Republic of Congo, Haiti, Mexico, Morocco, and Canada); the networking thorough workshops and conferences; the multicultural environment.

  1. How was your experience as an International Student?

Excellent because I achieved my academic goals and also discovered opportunities for networking through the PhD program at the University of Ottawa. I received excellent assistance and support from the International Office of my University. I made good friends from Canada and other countries around the world. I also met excellent professors who supported me to achieve my goals and to feel at home in Ottawa.

  1. How was student life like on and off-campus?

My life as a student was very good on campus but I decided to move on and live by myself off campus because I am an independent person. I rented a bachelor’s very close to the University and I really enjoyed this experience. Canadians are very nice and friendly people. The most challenging experience was the extreme cold temperatures in Winter but I could manage thanks to some advice and tips from my Canadian friends and colleagues.

  1. Any advice for future candidates that would like to come to Canada to do their graduate studies?

My advice is to be open to experience a new culture and society very different from ours, in my case from Latin American ones. Therefore, candidates should be prepared to manage a new environment and many different challenges but they may be reliable on themselves and on people who are responsible for their stay at the University. Finally, I would advise students to be prepared for the extreme temperatures in Winter and in Summer in Ottawa city. However, Canadian people will make students feel like at their own home.