My name is Dario. I am a mining engineer from Apurimac-Peru. I am doing a master in Mining Engineering at University of Alberta (UofA). In 2016 I was awarded a scholarship from the UNI, so I decided to come to Canada and study more about mining engineering. I came to Edmonton Canada in September 2016. Since I am studying at UofA, I could find many good professionals from every part of the world. But what I like most is the high level of my Supervisors who are experts and very friendly. One of them is an expert in Autonomous equipment’s and is very famous for his publications, the other one is an expert in Mining Planning and design. They encourage me to study hard every day and make a research that can improve some process of the mining operation. One of the good advantages is that is possible to travel to some mining operations, meet new people and test some of the models developed in the Lab. Currently, my research is based on Haul road design and its impact on Haul truck tires.