When you think of Canada, you might think of its picture postcard beauty – majestic landscapes, modern cities, pristine architecture and beautiful lakes. However, what might not come to mind is that immigration has played an integral part in the development of multiculturalism within the country during the last half of the 20th century. Canada is a progressive, open and tolerant multicultural country with two official languages. English is most commonly distributed in the country while French is spoken mostly in the province of Quebec. Aside from that, Canada has a large number of the population that speaks a third language, such as Mandarin, Spanish, Punjabi, Arabic and Italian.

Students around the world are discovering the benefits of going to universities in Canada, which are the country’s first-rate education, its diverse study opportunities, friendly communities and safety. Canada was ranked the 6th safest country in the world by the Global Peace Index in 2019 and is continually ranked one of the best countries to live, while Canadian universities consistently rank among the best in the world. Canada is also very affordable compared to many countries in terms of cost of living.

The tolerance and welcoming nature of Canada are characterized by a vibrant, inclusive culture that draws strength from the many immigrant groups that have made the country their home. Canadians are widely regarded as friendly, polite, well-educated, interesting and healthy. You will enjoy a very high standard of living—Canada has consistently ranked among the top 15 countries in the United Nations Human Development Index in 2019. International students inevitably return home academically stronger and full of wonderful memories from their time in Canada.

Living in Canada

In Canada, you will experience the four seasons: summer can be very hot and humid with temperatures surpassing 35 degrees Celsius. People like to spend time enjoying the beaches and doing summer activities in parks around the country. Spring and fall are truly spectacles of nature with breathtaking landscapes and where there is typically more rain. Winter in Canada will allow you to enjoy or try winter sports and the snow makes the season one of the most beautiful and fun times of the year.

Top things to do in Canada while studying here:

  • Watch the water rush over Niagara Falls, near Waterloo and London in Ontario
  • Experience Carnaval of Quebec, the city of Quebec’s vibrant winter festival or have a peek at the world famous Ice Hotel
  • Go to the Calgary Stampede, the world’s biggest and richest tournament-style rodeo
  • Experience a festival in Edmonton, the city is known as “Festival City,” hosting an array of events
  • Visit Banff National Park, renowned for the beauty of the Canadian Rocky Mountains, the lush unspoiled landscapes, and unique thermal hot springs. With over one thousand miles of hike-able trails in the summer, pristine lakes to canoe or kayak, and superb skiing in the winter, Banff is truly an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise.
  • Skate on Ottawa’s Rideau Canal, the world’s longest skating rink
  • See the northern lights in Canada’s Arctic
  • Go to the annual, seven-day Nova Scotia Multicultural Festival in Halifax – the largest multicultural festival east of Montreal, highlighting the cultural diversity of this Maritime city
  • Visit The Battlefords Provincial Park in Saskatoon featuring excellent camping, beautiful beaches, world-class fishing and a 18 hole golf course
  • Visit the beautiful Thousand Islands region near Kingston. The city offers a variety of cultural, recreational and outdoor activities.