CALDO Consorcio, la Embajada de Canadá para Paraguay y Becas de Postgrado en el Exterior “Don Carlos Antonio López”, te invitan a participar de la Serie de Webinars: Estudia en Canadá.

Esta serie de 3 webinars te ayudará a resolver tus dudas sobre cómo postular a universidades del consorcio CALDO, trámites de visas y te brindará tips y recomendaciones para que puedas postular a la beca de posgrado del programa BECAL.


 28 de setiembre a las 4:00 pm EST. 



CALDO Consorcio, la Embajada de Canadá en Uruguay y la Agencia Nacional de Investigación e Innovación ANII, te invitan a participar de la Serie Estudia en Canadá.

A través de esta serie podrás conocer la oferta educativa de las universidades del Consorcio CALDO, procedimientos para realizar tus estudios en Canadá y recomendaciones para aplicar a becas y programas de financiamiento.


16 de setiembre a las 4:00 pm EST

New webinar – University of Toronto



Connecting Latin America and Canada through engineering​

Do you want to know what engineers do at the University of Toronto?

If you are interested in knowing how engineers address global challenges and propose solutions for sustainable development, this is a great opportunity! 

Join us and learn more about the Centre for Global Engineering (CGEN).

New webinar – University of Saskatchewan

Why Choose Canada? – University of Saskatchewan

Do you want to create solutions to address some of the world’s critical challenges?

If you are interested in water and food security, developing new solutions for infectious diseases and being a part of the unique cluster of world-class research centres, the University of Saskatchewan will be a great fit for you!

Join us in our next webinar!


Why Choose Canada? – University of Alberta

Students from more than 150 countries worldwide choose the University of Alberta and Canada as their destination to continue their graduate studies.

Next Thursday, May 27th – 4:00 pm (EST), you will have the opportunity to learn about the educational offer, the advantage of being part of this thriving academic community, and some tips that will help you settle down and succeeded in Canada!

New Webinar – University of Waterloo

University of Waterloo: Connecting Imagination with Impact

We would like to invite you to our next webinar where we will have the University of Waterloo, one of the world’s leading universities, as our special guest.

The University of Waterloo is well-known for co-operative educational experiences, entrepreneurial attitudes advancing innovations, connections with global communities, and emphasis on the entire lifecycle of research, from discovery through to application.

This presentation will be an invitation to interested prospective students, researchers, government officials, and industry partners interested in connecting with the University of Waterloo.

When? Thursday, April 15th, 2021 – 4:00pm (EST)

Register here!

Western Researcher to perfect AI methods for 3D printing in Space

Jun Yang, a material, mechanical and biomedical professor at Western University is working closely with a mechanical and space engineer at York University to try to perfect artificial intelligence-enhanced methods for 3D printing in outer space. 

Their goal is to use Moon soil or Mars soil to be able to print heavy, bulky equipment necessary for repairs and experiments that will allow for further space exploration. 

Learn more about this interesting application of 3D printing.

Dalhousie and Uruguay agree to launch Latin America Centre of Excellence for Children

Image source: Canadian Military Family Magazine – “https://www.cmfmag.ca/policy/canadian-government-invests-in-romeo-dallaire-child-soldiers-initiative/”

The Dallaire Institute of Children, Peace and Security aims to address the problem of child soldiers around the world by empowering those in the security sector. This is why the Dallaire Institute, which is part of Dalhousie University, will now have a dedicated base in Uruguay that will function as its nerve centre for the region. 

Dalhousie signed an agreement last month with the Uruguayan Ministry of National Defense on behalf of the institute to launch the Latin America Centre of Excellence for Children, Peace and Security. 

Learn more about this very important initiative.

Researchers build a next-generation telescope in Chile

Did you know a team of Canadian researchers is building a next-generation telescope capable of measuring light from the earliest moments after the Big Bang?

Led by University of Waterloo professor Michel Fich, the Fred Young Submillimeter Telescope (FYST) is being built high in the mountains of Chile, near the Atacama Desert.

This international project will give astronomers insight into how the stars and galaxies in our universe formed.

Learn more about this fascinating new piece of technology!

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