Maria Delgado Aquije


PhD in Biology – Dalhousie University 

1. What did you study?  

 obtained bachelor‘s degree in biology from a Peruvian university (Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia), then I got a masters from the Department of Fisheries and Wildlife from Michigan State University, and now I am doing a PhD in Biology at Dalhousie University. 

 2. Why Canada?  

 Because Canada is well known for the quality of its education, its support for science, and by having a high quality of life and inclusive environment.  

 3. Why did you choose Dalhousie University?  

 I was interested in the research that the lab I joined in works on and I was excited to learn and apply the newest technologies in my field. Also, the university is situated within the city of Halifax and nearby the ocean, allowing for easy access to from off campus living to the campus and to downtown.  

 4. Did you receive any scholarships to help fund your studies?  

 Yes, I have been funded by the Nova Scotia Graduate Scholarship, which has supported me for 3 and half years. have also received funding from grants awarded to my supervisor. 

 5. What are your favourite things about the University?  

 I like the sense of community and the diverse clubs the university has. I particularly have appreciated the graduate student organization of the biology department which makes an effort to organize events and activities to integrate graduate students. 

 6. Tell us about some of the positive aspects of your experience as an international student in Halifax.  

 Halifax is a diverse city that welcomes international students, people are respectful and interested in learning about other people‘s culture. 

 7. What do you enjoy about your life on and off campus?  

 As I come from a big busy city, Halifax is a nice and secure city that also has many natural landscapes one can enjoy, particularly in the summer. 

 8. Any advice for future candidates that would like to come to Canada to do their graduate studies?  

 If you are from a Latin American country, particularly if you are not used to the cold weather, try to enjoy it and participate in winter activities as you will create unforgettable memories and experiences. 


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Maria Belén


PhD Eng Management – University of Alberta

Mi nombre es María Belén, soy peruana y estoy estudiando un Doctorado en Gestión de Ingeniería en la Universidad de Alberta. Empecé este Doctorado en la primavera del año del 2017, así que este es mi segundo año en Edmonton.  Mi experiencia hasta ahora ha sido increíble. En los cursos que he llevado he tenido la oportunidad de trabajar con personas de muchos países como la China, la India, Pakistán, Irán, etc. En cada uno de estos trabajos he podido adquirir mucho conocimiento técnico pero lo que es más importante he aprendido sobre muchas culturas y muchas formas distintas de ver la vida.

Estudiar en Canadá también me ha dado la oportunidad de aprender cómo funcionan los diferentes servicios en un país desarrollado, he aprendido mucho por ejemplo sobre cómo funciona el sistema educativo, el sistema de salud y el sistema de transporte público. Esta experiencia ha generado en mí muchas ganas de cambiar algunos aspectos que no funcionan muy bien en mi país y me ha dado herramientas que espero poder usar para ese fin.

Una de las cosas que más me han gustado en este año y medio estudiando en Canadá es ver como personas muy diversas culturalmente viven en armonía y que todos tienen las mismas oportunidades sin importar su origen ni ninguna otra condición.

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Dario Vivanco


My name is Dario. I am a mining engineer from Apurimac-Peru. I am doing a master in Mining Engineering at University of Alberta (UofA). In 2016 I was awarded a scholarship from the UNI, so I decided to come to Canada and study more about mining engineering. I came to Edmonton Canada in September 2016. Since I am studying at UofA, I could find many good professionals from every part of the world. But what I like most is the high level of my Supervisors who are experts and very friendly. One of them is an expert in Autonomous equipment’s and is very famous for his publications, the other one is an expert in Mining Planning and design. They encourage me to study hard every day and make a research that can improve some process of the mining operation. One of the good advantages is that is possible to travel to some mining operations, meet new people and test some of the models developed in the Lab. Currently, my research is based on Haul road design and its impact on Haul truck tires.

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