MBA, Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto

I am a mechanical engineer from Mexico with a degree from Monterrey Tech (ITESM Campus Monterrey) and a background in operations. I chose the University of Toronto because I was looking for a university with a great reputation that was recognized for its strength in finance. As one of the top 20 universities in the world, U of T is an academic powerhouse that pushes me to learn hard skills inside the classroom and advance my soft skills, such as self-management, prioritization and teamwork, outside the classroom.

In my MBA studies at the U of T’s Rotman School of Management, I am developing strong strategic and analytical skills that complement the people and execution skills I gained during my professional experiences at PepsiCo. My program is incredibly diverse; I appreciate collaborating with people who bring different perspectives from cultures from all over the world.

For my Global Consulting Project (GCP), my team and I worked in partnership with Export Development Canada that operates at arm’s length from the government to evaluate current and emerging technologies within delivery logistics; provided a market analysis of key industry players in North America and the United Kingdom. The combination of hands-on experience, networking, and knowledge of how supply chain delivery and logistics are being transformed by the emergence of new technologies prepare me to offer value and innovation in my future endeavors.

U of T provides a wide range of resources to help with on and off-campus experiences. Coming from a Latin American country, the teaching structure here is much different from what I was used to. I worked with a learning strategist who helped me rethink my approach to classes and get the most of my program.

My advice to prospective students is to actively learn as much as you can about the program and what the U of T offers before the program starts. Once you’re here, explore and be curious – this will shape your overall experience. I also suggest seeking out additional funding. I am partially funded by CONACYT, a Mexican government agency. I look forward to extending Rotman’s “pay it forward” culture the way the community here has helped me.