Master in Biotechnology – University of Toronto

1.- Why Canada?  

A few years back when looking for options I found a list of countries by Human Development Index (HDI) which is a measure of how much of a country’s GDP does its government invest in its people (education, hospitals, health insurance, social programs, etc.), and at least back then New Zealand was #1 followed by Canada in #2. NZ was too far away for me, but Canada was much closer.

2.- Why the University of Toronto?

I was looking for a program that mixed Science with Business, and that’s when I found the MBiotech program. It had the focus I was looking for, located where I wanted to study.

3.- What did you enjoy the most about U of T?

Professors are highly-prepared, facilities are world-grade and the alumni population is very diverse. It has good values and a great vision that deeply resonated with me. 

4.- How was student life like on and off-campus?

Being in one of the best universities in the world is a unique experience. On-campus you become a part of a community of scholars, all of them highly capable and driven. I thought I would be at a disadvantage coming from a developing country, but despite the fact that some of my colleagues did have more experience in our field, I discovered my own experiences, provided me with the tools to perform on par with them and even better in some aspects. Diversity brings benefits to all.

Off-campus, being in a foreign country in an exciting city gave me lots of venues to explore new cultures, food, experiences, places, etc. during what little free time I could spare. I think this aspect is often overlooked, but I think it’s as important as the academic side.

5.- Any advice for future candidates that would like to come to Canada to do their graduate studies?

Research as much as you can beforehand. Be open and flexible to new things. Prepare for as many scenarios as you can, especially financially. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from everyone involved, from your own family to the people at the university. If you reach out to people, even if you’re not a student yet, most of the time they are happy to offer guidance. Remember to enjoy the experience! It’s not easy to get there, so you better enjoy it and make the most out of it.