Phd in Mechanical & Industrial Engineering – University of Toronto

1. What did you study?

PhD in Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

2. Why Canada?

Canada is a multicultural country, with world-class universities and friendly cities, offering economic and social stability. Research and innovation are relevant to local businesses, fostering joint projects between firms or entrepreneurs with universities.

3. Why the University of Toronto?

The faculty of Applied Science & Engineering of the University of Toronto is the #1 engineering school in Canada and one of the best in the world. It provides flexibility for multidisciplinary learning and a great research environment.

4. Did you receive any scholarships to help fund your studies?

Yes, I was awarded with The National Research and Development Agency of Chile (ANID) Scholarship “Becas Chile”.

5. What were your favourite things about the University?

One of my favourite things about the university is that it has a lot of groups or association that are constantly supporting students with awards, workshops, social and wellness activities.

6. How was your experience as an International Student?

It was amazing; the university has a centre for international experience where I found answers for academic and non-academic topics, like health insurance, accommodation, admission, and workshops oriented for non-native English speakers.

7. How was student life like on and off-campus?

Student life in St.George campus if definitively very enjoyable, if you want to engage with others there is always open events or clubs for different interests or Hobbies. Each Faculty has spaces designed for individual or group study, along with green spaces.

Regarding off campus life, Toronto offer many attractions and sites, like CN Tower for panoramic views and Toronto Island Park to enjoy outdoors. There are a lot of sports and cultural events every weekend.

8. Any advice for future candidates that would like to come to Canada to do their graduate studies?

I’d advise to invest time in exploring all the available resources in the university for international students, including CALDO, and reach potential supervisors to check for research projects and funding opportunities.