Master in Earth and Atmospheric Science – University of Alberta 

1. Where are you from?

Mexico City

2. What did you study?

MSc. in Earth and Atmospheric Science, University of Alberta

3. Why Canada?

Beautiful country, amazing people, multicultural, and the University has been ranked for several years as one of the best universities worldwide.

4. Why UAlberta?

Because when I was looking at different universities, I was able to get in touch with my actual supervisor. He has an excellent background and through time he has been working in the same professional area that I’ve been interested in. We talked about my experience and the main goals I was looking forward so, he offered me to work the research in which I’ve been working. This research covers all the topics I wanted to cover and the quality of the University itself is one of the tops.

5. Did you receive any scholarships to help fund your studies?


a. If so, can you tell us more about the scholarship you received?

This scholarship is a partnership between Conacyt and SENER. Conacyt is a nongovernmental institution and is in charge to promote the development of science and the development, innovation, and modernization of technology in the country. SENER is a governmental institution that mange and regulates the energetic resources. This specific scholarship is intended to capacitate professionals in the oil industry so then, all the knowledge acquired can be applied wisely in the country (ideally).

6. What were your favourite things about the University?

The campus itself is amazing; labs, classrooms, common areas, recreative areas, study areas, I really loved being on campus and do my work there. Also, all the facilities as a student you get are quite cool!

7. How was your experience as an International Student?

To be honest it was interesting, very different for what I was expecting. The experience as an international grad student, I would say is very different as an international undergrad student. I can’t complain, but from time to time, grad student’s life can be quite lonely. Also, unfortunately, I experience the pandemic cause COVID-19, and that didn’t help as well.

8. How was student life like on and off-campus?

For me, life on campus was mainly working on my research, life off-campus was a little more interesting and fun because I had the opportunity to have part-time jobs, and that made me know more people. Also, Edmonton is a small city, but with amazing places where you can go hiking, run, even do some canoe. The weather during winter is A THING so, if you are not used to cold, you really must be mentally prepared for what all that involves.

9. Any advice for future candidates that would like to come to Canada to do their graduate studies?

My advice would be that you must be prepared to deal with two main common aspects here in Canada. Weather, and social relationships. Weather, because if you are used to warm weathers this could be an issue; long winters, too much cold, during winter short days and very long nights, while during summer the other way around. This could affect sometimes your mood. And socially, (I would assume that has to do with the weather) people here are colder in their relationships so, for me, as a Latin, made me homesick from time to time. This is so you can have it in mind, but doesn’t mean that coming to Canada has been an amazing experience and is a great opportunity to know many different cultures, people, food, and with such amazing places to visit and get in touch with nature.