Securing a supervisor is essential for thesis-based Master’s and PhD programs, however a direct email sent to the professor doesn’t always gets you a reply, that is why CALDO provides a Pre-Assessment Platform to get you in touch with supervisors of your interest.

This service is available to candidates that bring financing from their home country (e.g. scholarship, financial credit, and personal savings). Via our platform, candidates are able to submit their academic information to any supervisors of their choice at our universities.

To use this service you’ll need electronic copies of the following documents:

For more info on this please see our TOOLS TO APPLY section


Please note:

  1. If you are looking for Course Based-Master’s or looking for a scholarship from one of our universities this tool is not applicable and you should go to directly to STEP 4.
  2. Some thesis Based Master’s program may not require a supervisor at the time of the application, this info is available in the program details, so if that is the case you should go to STEP 4.

For resources on your application see the Tools to Apply section.